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    Sustainability and innovation


    We accept our role in the economic, social and environmental issues of our time. ACCIONA's sustainability strategy is implemented via the Sustainability Master Plan, a roadmap that brings together all of the company's initiatives in this area.


    One of our core objectives is to work on projects that contribute to environmental conservation, in a clear and firm commitment to eco-efficient homes—an area in which ACCIONA Inmobiliaria plays a pioneering role.


    ACCIONA Inmobiliaria wishes to continue advancing with innovative and effective solutions, as part of its commitment to minimise impact on the execution of the works.


    ACCIONA Inmobiliaria has implemented a method to determine customer satisfaction based on regular analysis on various issues as a tool to improve company management.

    Quality and environmental policy

    As an integral part of ACCIONA GROUP, fight against climate change, sustainable use of natural resources and protection of biodiversity lie at the core of ACCIONA Inmobiliaria's environmental strategy.

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