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ACCIONA Inmobiliaria spearheads the field of eco-efficient design and construction.

One of our core objectives is to work on projects that contribute to environmental conservation, in a clear and firm commitment to eco-efficient homes—an area in which ACCIONA Inmobiliaria plays a pioneering role.

Eco-efficient homes minimise waste production and do not use toxic products, hence they consume less energy resources and reduce pollution. To this end, from the very first moment the interior and exterior design is envisaged, consideration is given to the efficient use of materials and systems, as well as their site location (climate, surroundings and existing resources).

ACCIONA—as one of the most sustainable companies in the world—is committed to delivering sustainable BREEAM® accredited schemes.

The BREEAM® certification promotes sustainable construction, resulting in economic, environmental and social benefits for all individuals related to the life cycle of a building (owners, tenants and occupiers).

What makes an eco-efficient home?

ACCIONA Inmobiliaria applies rational water consumption, clean construction and energy-efficient initiatives to all its projects.

In terms of energy savings, ACCIONA Inmobiliaria equips its homes with energy-efficient systems such as solar panels for domestic hot water; cross ventilation, quality materials, insulation and thermally broken frames for greater thermal insulation; light, energy and solar control glass panes, as well as presence detectors and timers in common areas.

Furthermore, ACCIONA Inmobiliaria installs systems that promote rational water consumption such as separate downpipe systems, dual-flush toilets, taps with aerators and shut-off valves in wet areas.

To support eco-efficiency, ACCIONA Inmobiliaria employs technology such as home automation systems and other technological applications to manage homes in a safe, comfortable and energy-efficient way.

Sustainable or eco-efficient homes

  • Economic growth
  • Ecological balance
  • Social progress
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